Whisky made in france

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Whisky made in france

On the cobblestones
of the port de la lune

A mini revolution under the Aquitaine sky… a wine-making kingdom par excellence and a place of exchange with the world, Bordeaux welcomes its exceptional whisky created by two enthusiasts…


Moon Harbour

It owes its name to the famous crescent moon outlined by the Garonne River at the entrance of Bordeaux, so symbolic of this town that it features on its coat of arms! A wonderful way of recalling that long ago, on the cobblestones of the well-named Port de la Lune or moon harbour the “Bordeaux” stamped barrels waited on the quay at night to be loaded onto outward bound ships…

Between land and sea…

With other large-scale projects including a future grand malt in the pipeline, the adventure begins with Pier 1 of Moon Harbour©. Between land and sea, elegance and character, this blended whisky is aged in Sauternes oak barrels. Enough to suggest the best, especially as it bears the signature of a genuine legend, that of Scottish Master Blender John McDougall.

The first whisky from a wine-making city



If there is one town that is part of France’s international prestige, it is Bordeaux, designated a Unesco World Heritage site. First of all because everything here is steeped with history and culture: Gallo-Roman vestiges with a classical heritage, from the Palais Gallien to the Porte Cailhau via the Grand Théâtre and the listed Place de la Bourse, the journey takes place through the centuries before anything else.



This port city has always been open to new horizons. While in the past its quays saw merchant ships loaded with wines and local products set off for the antipodes, they also welcomed foodstuffs coming from countries around the world like coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton and indigo. As can be seen in this painting painted around 1806 by local painter Pierre Lacour, the Port de la Lune was constantly buzzing even back then between ships coming and going and the activities of small tradesmen and the upper classes of the Chartrons district.



Today a lot of water has passed under the Pont de Pierre bridge. But the pride of MOON HARBOUR is keeping the tradition for entrepreneurship and creativity alive. Soon other barrels, duly stamped, will be housed, rolled and then loaded on the Port de la Lune cobblestones. And the first blended Bordeaux whisky will also set off to conquer the world.

Enthusiast ready to reach for the stars

Moon Harbour

July 2013, Jean-Philippe Ballanger imagines a slightly crazy passion project: to create the first Bordeaux whisky!
The DNA of MOON HARBOUR, a brand inspired by the famous Port of the Moon, is imbued with the idea of serving only the surrounding territory (barrels, cereals, stills).
It is also marked by innovation: local premium stills, freshly racked barrels, partnerships with prestigious châteaux, the world's first 100% malted corn whiskey, unique whiskey smoked with seaweed from the Arcachon basin, atypical and exceptional aging cellars under the shape of an old World War II bunker 25m high and with walls 6m thick!

An ambitious

Alongside them is renowned Bordeaux craftsman, Jean-Louis STUPFLER, creator of future stills installed as well as professionals from several chateaux that produce great classified vintages and barrel suppliers. Teamwork that proves that the right blend is also important in terms of human skills. Cereals used to make the Moon Harbour malt will also come from the Bordeaux region. 250 hectares of barley have already been planted!

Our whisky

Our whisky

Pier 1 - Premium Blended Whisky

PIER1 is a Luxury Blended Whisky produced from only the finest Malt & Grain Whiskies, selected and blended by John McDougall. This blended is finished in France over a 3 to 6 month period. By fermenting in Sauternes oak barrels, it takes on some original characteristics… Non chill filtered

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Moon Harbour

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