Whisky made in france

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Whisky made in france

Moon Harbour Whisky

Notre whisky

PIER 1 – Premium blended whisky

Aged in Sauternes oak barrels

SKU: MH70C601

This blend of the best malts is finished in France, near Bordeaux for at least 3 months. PIER 1 marks the know-how of the past fifty years of its inspirer John MCDOUGALL, a great Scottish Master blender and Master distiller.

This premium blended is bottled with no cold filtering and has an alcohol percentage by volume of 45.8°. Its golden colour and such complex flavours are down to being finished in SAUTERNES barrels. PIER 1, the first pier of a magnificent journey for the taste buds to satisfy all genuine whisky connoisseurs in years to come.

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